Friday, August 14, 2009

A realization on 3616

It's important that I do not let the day to day monotony of life prevent me from contributing to my daily blog. I could just write, and let the outcome find itself. I have not gone surfing for over a week. I am too fat. I want to write about photography, but working on my duplex has caused me from working on anything else. The duplex all of a sudden has become a time, energy, and money drain. Since the Green's have departed 3616 all that was done incorrectly or ignored on the apartment now sits on my plate and is consuming me. Of course I have allowed it to happen. Stripping the paint off the brick, although with time I believe it will look better, is now causing me emotional turmoil. It was foolish, but now I am stubbornly too far along to go back. So what shall I do. Tomorrow, Sydney and I will further clean up the mess, and I will leave the brick alone for a while. Perhaps the massive amount of water I sprayed will slowly seep into the paint and weaken its bond to the brick. Bobby's got the paint under control. The termite people will take care of the bugs. I will fix that U-joint under the tub, and I pray it doesn't lead to other problems. And that will be it for the remainder of the year. No more stress with the apartment.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fear and Greed

On the way to the movie this evening my wife, Sydney, and I waited at a stop light next to a truck that had a bumper sticker on its rear window that read, "I'll keep my freedom, my gun, and my money. You can keep the change." This was an obvious ignorant play on words and reference to Barack Obama. Of course, his truck was the type that gets about 5 miles to a gallon. I try to ignore such ignoramuses, but it's difficult. These people rouse my anger because they, with their values guided by fear and greed, hinder the President's effort to fix our health care system and take the significant and immediate necessary steps to lead the world in the fight to arrest the advance of global warming. If our situation wasn't so dire, I would pity these morons and lack of education. Rather, I find my contempt for them gnaws on my better self.